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Wohler USA
VIS 240 Pipe Inspection System

The Revolution in Professional Visual Inspection Technology

Wohler 240 portable sewer cameraThe Wohler VIS 240 Service Camera combines state-of-the-art camera technology, cordless operation, compact portability and a rugged durability. This provides the ultimate value package for visual inspection.

This 15 pound case contains everything you need to look down a 2" or larger line and record what you see to a flash card. Two NiMH rechargeable batteries, 110vac power adaptor, 7" LCD screen, 1" camera (user replaceable), 100 feet of 1/4 inch flexible rod, and a digital counter!


  • Compact, light, and portable.
  • Digital recording built-in
  • Output for analog video recording or viewing on a different device or monitor.
  • Adjustable LED brightness control.
  • Flexible rod gets you into places not seen before.
  • Suitable for HVAC use in ventilation systems
  • Easy operation key pads.
  • Big color TFT LCD display.
  • Splash proof camera head.


  • Inspection and direct documentation of flue lines, ventilations and chimneys.
  • Inspection of 2" sewer lines in the house to the clean-out.
  • Pipe or wall inspection for construction professionals.