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vLocPro2 and optional transmitterThe vLocPro2 is intended for use by field technicians to locate and trace the position of buried utility pipes and cables.

Designed by engineers experienced in the field of location and incorporating ideas and feedback from customers, the product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators.

The vLocPro2 system provides the functionality required by experienced field and the simplicity needed by novices. The system has a classic look with an intuitive user interface designed to minimize training needed when transition from other manufacturers.

vLocPro2 builds on the features of the original vLocPro to enhance productive location:

  • Rugged ABS & carbon fiber construction
  • IP54 rating for all weather use
  • Color display
  • High speed processor
  • Multiple location modes with compass orientation
  • Multiple frequencies (over 70)
  • Push button and continuous depth/current (feet or meters)
  • Normal & modulated audio modes (separately selectable for Power, Radio & Active modes)
  • Signal direction to aid line identification
  • Selectable languages (over 20)
  • Selectable “time off” function
  • Rechargeable and alkaline battery packs
  • Optional Bluetooth and GPSDownload the brochure
  • Optional A-frame and remote antenna

vLocPro2 adds the following features:

  • Plug & play Bluetooth (Customer can install)
  • Weighs much less than the previous vLocPro
  • Triangulation depth
  • Lithium-ion batteries (plus new battery management software) *over x4 battery life
  • MyLocator2 configuration management tool for vLoc Series 2 receivers
  vLocPro 2  
vLocPro2 in 2 views  vLocPro2 with 1 or 5 watt transmitter  vLocPro2 with 10 watt transmitter