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HL5000  Water Leak Detector

HL5000 Leak Dtector kitThe HL5000 water leak locator is the next generation of high quality water leak detection instruments. Using a latest Dual Segment Analysis (DSA) the HL5000 is a pre-locating and pinpointing instrument. The DSA displays the minimum constant leak sound as well as the total current sound level. A powerful signal processor suppresses extraneous sounds, allowing the constant sound of the leak to be displayed as the minimum sound level. Plastic pipe location mode is a new feature for improved location of impulses generated with the RSP-3 Plastic Pipe Locator. Available in different models featuring 100% piezo microphones like wind shielded GM80 and contact mic PAM-B2, 2 contact rods, tip, 2 different tripods and aviation headphones. Download the Brochure


The HL5000 features:

  • Uses modern DSP (digital signal processing) technology to clearly recognize the leak sound, even when there is other noise in the environment  
  • DSA (dual segment analysis) technology: simultaneous display of the current and minimum values
  • Ability to hear and view leaks: Histogram measurement with 9 simultaneously displayed DSA measurements
  • Ultra strong carbon fiber antenna tube
  • High quality audio.
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Plastic pipe locate mode with RSP-3 impulse generator
  • Frequency analysis of the recorded results 
  • Real-time recording of sound measurement for up to 30 minutes
  • Hydrogen leak detection sensor available