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Omni Markers™ Electronic Marker

The Tempo Omni Marker provides an improved method to electronically mark and locate underground facilities. Unlike otherDownload the brochure marking devices that use just a single coil, the Omni Marker contains three orthogonal tuned circuits. When excited by any standard marker locator, these passive circuits produce a uniform, spherical RF field in every direction. Because of their unique patented design, the Omni Marker offers benefits that are superior to any other electronic marking system.

Tempo Omni MarkersEasily located up to five feet away - The Omni Marker provides 25% greater range than traditional 4-inch ball markers. It produces a wider field that is easy to find months or years later, with a signal peak directly above the marker for precise location within inches. This wider field and better range means faster and more reliable locates in any terrain.

No need to stay level when buried - Because it produces a spherical field, the Omni Marker does not require any particular orientation when buried. As a result, there’s no need for the Omni Marker to be level in the ground like flat-style electronic markers. Just toss the Omni Marker in the trench or excavation and cover it up with normal backfill. Additionally, the Omni Marker’s unique shape allows it to fit easily into a standard 4- inch trench with no extra digging.

Lightweight, with no hazardous chemicals - The Omni Marker contains no floating or moving parts or chemicals. This eliminates the need for material safety data sheets. Plus, the Omni Marker’s durable, lightweight design keeps your shipping and storage costs low while giving you years of reliable service.

Passive, high reliability design assures many years of service - The Omni Marker contains no batteries or active components, and the proven high reliability design means these markers will last as long as your buried plant.

Compatible with all marker locators - Because Omni Markers use industry standard frequencies, they will work with any electronic marker locating devices. Ask your ITC sales representative about the EML100 Marker-Mate™ locator.

Use the Omni Marker to mark and find:    

  • Buried splices and load coils
  • Buried service drops
  • Pipe ends
  • Conduit stubs
  • Road crossings
  • Cable paths
  • Fiber optic facilities
  • Manholes under pavement or grade changes
  • Snow-covered installations
  • Military caches
  • Survey points
  • Septic installations
  • Repair points
  • Non-metallic lines

The Omni Marker is 4.5 inches in diameter and weighs 1/3 of a pound.


Color Model Frequency
Power Red 160 169.8 kHz
Water Blue 161 145.7 kHz
Sanitary Green 162 121.6 kHz
Telephone Orange 163 101.4 kHz
Natural Gas Yellow 164 83.0 kHz
Cable TV Black/Orange 165 77.0 kHz
Non-Potable/General Purpose Purple 168 66.35 kHz