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SubSurface Leak Detection LD-12 Professional's Water Leak Detector

Download the brochureThe new LD-12 “Professional’s Plus” Water Leak Detector offers several new features not available in our popular LD-10 Professional´s Water Leak Detector.

The LD-12’s amplification and audio clarity are even better than the LD-10’s, and the LD-12’s large meter display of the leak sound intensity is easily visible in all outdoor lighting, from bright sunlight to total darkness.

LD-12 in action.The LD-12 includes a base plate for “ground miking” on city streets or concrete slabs and both a magnet base and a contact rod for water leak “surveying” at hydrants, valves, and meters.

Features of the LD-12:

  • Large meter display (with backlight) of sound loudness, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact leak location.
  • Light weight amplifier, weighing only 31 ounces, with a padded carrying case and a strap.
  • Six selectable filters, split into three “low side” filters (100Hz, 200Hz, or 400Hz) and three “high side” filters (600Hz, 800Hz, or 1200Hz).
  • “Limiter” switch which cuts off all loud noises greater than 110dB. If you drop the sensor, you won't hurt your hearing.
  • “Filter-Thru” switch, which turns OFF all of the amp’s filters, allowing the user to hear all sounds from 50Hz to 15,000Hz.
  • High-sensitivity ground microphone and low “electronic noise” amplifier combine to offer the very best quality sound for leak detection.

Three accessories for attachment to the sensor:

  • Ground plate for pinpointing on streets/slabs
  • Magnet base for surveying at hydrants/valves
  • Contact rod for surveying at meters/fittings

Included Items:

  • Amplifier with Meter Display and Filter Controls
  • Ground Microphone and Handswitch
  • Base Plate for Listening on Street Surfaces
  • Aviation-Grade Stereo Headphones
  • Heavy-Duty ABS Plastic Carrying Case
LD-12 Kit