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RabCo Universal Roller Skid

ITC now carries Rabco Universal Rollers Skids to easily adapt your push camera for use in 6” to 12” or 3” to 6”

While inside the pipe, pivoting arms on the roller skid continually adjust to keep the camera head centered in the pipeline. Nylon wheels enable the skid to easily roll through pipe. Each roller skid comes standard with a safety harness for emergency retrieval and optional 6K candlepower auxillary waterproof flashlights are also available. This great accessory not only minimizes wear and tear on camera heads, but also extends the useability of push cameras so they can be used in areas previously requiring pipe crawlers.

Universal Roller Skid (URS1)

Easily adapt your portable video inspection system for use in 6”-12” and larger pipelines. This unique device accepts most standard push cameras under 2 inches diameter. The universal roller skid is constructed of lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon.

Universal Roller SkidThree pivoting arms dynamically adjust to fit the required diameter, keeping the camera head centered in the pipeline at all times. No extra parts, tools or manual adjustments are required. Six rugged nylon wheels allow the skid to roll easily through the pipe. Larger diameter wheels are available for larger pipeline applications.

Optional auxiliary flashlights are available to provide extra lighting. Each watertight flashlight provides 6,000 candlepower and mounts securely to the roller skid. Or, if desired, the roller skid provides general mounting for up to three flashlights. A safety harness comes standard for secondary/emergency retrieval.

This innovative video inspection system accessory will allow you to use your portable video inspection system in applications that previously required expensive tractor systems.

The Universal Roller Skid comes wih a two year warranty!


Mini Roller SkidMini Roller Skid (URS4)

Based on user response to the Universal Roller Skid for 6”-12” pipelines, RABCO has developed the Mini URS for 4”-6” pipelines.  The Mini URS keeps your camera centered in the pipeline and protects it from wear and tear.  Eight wheels mounted on the skid allow the camera to roll easily in 4” and 6” pipelines.

The Mini URS easily negotiates 90 degree bends. The Mini URS is constructed of the same lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant composite nylon as the larger version.  It provides a protective housing that increases camera lifetime. 

The Mini Roller Skid comes with a two year warranty!


Optional Light Kits

L1 LED Unbelievably bright LED light that won't cause sparks and is safe to use in electrical environments. (pkg of 3)

MityLite Light KitMighty Light Kit Hi-intensity Xenon lamp that produces a powerful, bright beam. (pkg of 3)

Powered by 3 N cell alkaline batteries included, the MityLite 1990 LED packs plenty of bright light and extended battery burn time in its compact body. It is molded from Xenoy, an extremely strong resin that resists chemicals and corrosion. The tail button allows for easy on/off or intermittent light. Use the MityLite 1990 LED as a convenient personal light or a professional task light.  5" in length. 1.8 oz. with batteries

Stealth Light Kit Xenon lamp module gives an extremely bright, white beam, which can cut through water, smoke and fog. (pkg of 3)

With a long lamp life and extended battery burn time, you won't be left in the dark with the L1. The polycarbonate body is resistant to chemicals, water and corrosion. The convenient tail switch for constant on/momentary is easy to operate. The L1 is perfect for close quarter use. Packaged with 4 LR 44 1.5V alkaline coin cells, a break-a-way safety lanyard, and colored lens discs to preserve night vision. This handy light offers a lot for its size.
Popular with firefighters and adventure seekers. The unique easy slide thumb switch on the StealthLite 2400 is easy to operate, even with gloves. The tough resin body is corrosion proof and resistant to extreme temperatures. The Xenon lamp is powered by 4 AA alkaline cells (included) for a bright beam that penetrates thick smoke, fog, and dust. Attach the StealthLite to one of our optional helmet light holder clips and you have a hands-free light for work or play. Submersible to 500 feet.