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Nupla soil probes are offered with an optional cast zinc metal tip for extra durability.

Nupla Soil Probe pictureSolid Nuplaglas handle diameters of ½” and heavy duty 5/8” are available in 48” and 60” lengths. These probes are used for soil testing and with their non-conductive fiberglass handles are safe for locating irrigation, power and water lines; ideal for the utility industry.

Classic Nuplaglas handles exceed all Federal standards and are made of pultruded structural fiberglass that is composed of millions of continuous parallel fiberglass strands cured under tension in a thermosetting resin. This design produces optimum strength-to-weight ratios and provides the user with safety and durability required in all heavy duty applications.

All Nupla handles have excellent dielectric properties that make them safe to use even in wet conditions. Smooth, resin rich handle surfaces protect users from splinters and resist UV deterioration. The handles are unaffected by cuts, blows, moisture, or most industrial chemicals and are easily cleaned of concrete, tar etc. In addition, the tools have a high shelf life since they are unaffected by fungus, termites or dry rot as are wood handled tools.


  • 69400 PRB4 Classic 4’ Soil Probe T-Handle 12.00 lb
  • 69401 PRB4T Classic 4’ Soil Probe w/metal tip T-Handle 12.00 lb
  • 69403 PRB5T Classic 5’ Soil Probe w/metal tip T-Handles 12.00 lb
  • 69405 PRB4TH Classic 4’ Soil Probe HD w/metal tip T-Handle 13.50 lb
  • 69407 PRB5TH Classic 5’ Soil Probe HD w/metal tip T-Handle 1400 lb

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