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Using a Jameson rodConduit Rodders and Fish Tapes

Jameson’s Buddy® System of conduit rodders and fish tapes feature non-conductive solid fiberglass rod. With rod diameters as small as 1/8” and as large as 1/2", our line of fiberglass conduit rodders and fish tapes can handle any size conduit.

The Buddy® System can handle virtually any job, from installing short run electrical wire and data cable to running long distances of fiber optic, copper and coax cable. These rodders and fish tapes combine to offer a system (your buddies) to meet all your pulling and fishing requirements.

With a solid fiberglass core rod and a polymer outer sheath, these conduit rodders and fish tapes offer an unparalleled combination of strength, flexibility and safety. Unlike steel fish tapes, our non-conductive fiberglass rod moves through tight turns without kinking.

Every rodder in our Buddy® System is built to handle the rugged daily use of utility and electrical construction. The core is a non-conductive solid fiberglass rod with the push, pull, and bending strength to do the job it's required to do, and do it well. The high-visibility orange outer sheath has a polymer coating that protects the rod surface from abrasion and provides a self-lubricating outer surface. 

Big BuddyWith a 1/2” OD rod, the heavy duty Big Buddy® is designed to rod or fish conduit of 4” inside diameter or larger and is available in lengths of 500 to 1000 feet. It is perfect for big jobs like manhole-to-manhole work or long-run cable pulls. Fully portable and easily stored in small vans, the Big Buddy® operates vertically or horizontally for maximum versatility. Includes drag brake to control payout. Rod is available marked in feet or meters. 19” Bending Radius; 1,400-Lb Pull Strength. Dimensions: 47.5” X 44” X 20” Accessory Kit Sold Separately Easy BuddyThe Easy Buddy’s1/4” OD rod is stiffer than the smaller Little Buddy, yet more flexible than the larger Good Buddy. With a solid fiberglass non-conductive core rod and polymer outer sheath, the Easy Buddy offers unparalleled strength, flexibility and safety. Its polymer coating protects the external rod surface from abrasion and provides a self-lubricating outer surface. Designed to handle tight turns and long runs, the Easy Buddy is ideal for rodding or fishing conduit in buildings. The Easy Buddy’s lightweight frame and wheels make the unit fully portable whether on the ground or being lowered into a manhole. Includes male fitting and tapered pulling eye. Accessory/repair kit sold separately. Foot and meter markings available on rod. 4” Bending Radius; 400-Lb Pull Strength. Dimensions: 28.5” X 24” X 11” Good BuddyDesigned for use in confined areas, the 3/8” OD Good Buddy® is designed especially for manhole-to-riser and riser-to-riser jobs. It is also perfect for cable vaults and running larger conduit in buildings. Available in lengths of 300 and 400 feet, its frame collapses to 10” in width, allowing it to be carried into manholes. Vertical and horizontal swiveling allows positioning in confined areas. The Good Buddy® is built to rod or fish conduit ranging from 2” to 4” and has a drag brake to control payout. It is available with foot or meter markings on the rod. Includes Accessory Kit. 15” Bending Radius; 1,000-Lb Pull Strength Dimensions: 29” Good Buddy 2A combination of the Good Buddy® and Big Buddy®, our Good Buddy® II was designed for longer runs in 2” to 4” conduit with rod lengths up to 600 feet. The reel is 39” in diameter, making it big enough to handle the job, but small enough to fit in a minivan. Features wheels and handle for transport. Foot and meter markings are available on rod. Accessory kit included. Drag brake controls payout; 15” Bending Radius; 1,000-Lb Pull Strength Dimensions: 40” X 32” X 30” Good Buddy 3The Good Buddy III has the same 300-400’ length 3/8” rod capacity of the Good Buddy, but incorporates the slim frame, handle and wheel options of the Good Buddy II. The Good Buddy III operates vertically or horizontally and is designed for maximum portability. Features wheels and handle for transport. Foot and meter markings are available on rod. Accessory kit included. Drag brake controls payout; 15” Bending Radius; 1,000-Lb Pull Strength Dimensions: 32” X 28” X 13” Little BuddyThe Little Buddy®, with 3/16” outside diameter, this fish tape is only slightly larger than the Wee Buddy®, but it is available in lengths from 150 to 300 feet, making it ideal for running inside and outside conduit drops. It is also ideal for home drops from the hand-hole box to the house or building. Some technicians find it handy on light pole and control wiring or walker ducts. This lightweight, portable unit operates vertically or horizontally and offers a drag brake to control payout. It also comes standard with our accessory repair kit. Accessory Kit Included. 2.5” Bending Radius; 200-Lb Pulling Strength Dimensions: 22” X 17” X 7” The Wee Buddy, the smallest of the Buddy® System fish tapes is ideal for inside wiring jobs in occupied conduit where a flat tape tends to wrap around existing cable. The round, slick sheath of the Wee Buddy® slides easily over existing wires, especially at bends. With a total outside rod diameter of 1/8”, the Wee Buddy® can fish conduit as small as 1/2” inside diameter, making it perfect for fishing telecom, voice, data and electrical conduit. Its easy grip design makes for more effective pushing and pulling and the patented canister allows for easy access to the optional accessory kit. Available with or without Accessory Kit. 1.5” Bending Strength; 200-Lb Pull Strength Dimensions: 12.5” X 12.5” X 2”

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Whether you are in Telecommunications, CATV, Power Utilities, Tree Care or Military, the job you do is a difficult and
sometimes dangerous one.

That is why Jameson works constantly to develop innovative tools that make your work easier and safer. Our product
line includes cable splicing tools, conduit rodders, fish tapes, layup sticks, work lights, tree care tools and aerial construction tools.

All were developed based on interaction between Jameson employees and the customer in the field. Jameson is committed to quality, safety, value and service. We understand the needs of our customers that always come first. This is the philosophy that drives our guarantee of workmanship and on-going product development. It’s reflected in the loyalty of our customers and our growing line of products!

Duct Hunters

Duct HunterNon-invasive detectable rodder locates or maps underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching. Attach standard field transmitter to Duct Hunter to locate to depths up to 10'.

Copper wire inside fiberglass core is energized with an electromagnetic signal that is detectable above ground through the use of hand held signal receiver.

5/16" Outside Rod Diameter - 32" X 28" X 13"
Available in 300' -800' Lengths

7/16" Outside Rod Diameter - 47.5" X 44" X 20"
Available in 500' -1000' Lengths