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Geospatial Smart Probes™

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Geospatial's Smart Probe™ technologies provide accurate XYZ centerline mapping of pipeline infrastructure and seamlessly integrates this open format data into all three-dimensional GIS or CAD databases.

A Geospatial mapping survey measures and maps the pipeline in three dimensions and produces a precise depiction of its plan view and profile. Multiple gyroscopic inertial measurement units (IMUs) within the Smart Probe™ measure 800 angular and linear velocity changes per second in the X, Y and Z axes as the unit moves through the pipeline. Our Smart Probes™ can map most pipelines with a high degree of positional accuracy by establishing reference points with known geographical coordinates and GPS data at the start and end of the run, and on very long runs at known intervals between the two.

Geospacial Smart ProbeGeospatial's Smart Probes™ are "un-tethered" which means there is no requirement for a communication cable to be attached to the Smart Probe™, allowing greater flexibility in the utilization of the technology. Since all data is stored within each probe, there are no depth limitations.

Acquired data can be stored on a laptop PC or immediately viewed and evaluated in the field. If required, digital "plan and profile" sectional drawings of the pipeline can be produced, overlaid on the existing plan view of the site and printed in the field. Alternatively, this digital data can be transferred via the Internet to any location in the world to be evaluated by associated decision-makers or stored and entered into the appropriate GIS/CAD database by the program administrator for future reference and use.

Geospatial's Smart Probe™ technologies allow the economical digital mapping of pipelines as small as 1.5" (3.8 cm) to as large as 96" (243.84 cm) in diameter. In addition, our Smart Probes™ are designed in numerous body styles, some of which permit the negotiation of extremely tight (90 degree) bends. Geospatial has developed custom body styles specifically designed for potable water pipelines and others for small fiber optic/telecommunications conduit. Our engineers are available to custom design technical solutions for your specific project if necessary. Geospatial’s totally self-contained Smart Probes™ are capable of operating in any pipeline medium.

With these and other unique features, Geospatial's Smart Probe™ technologies are ideal for the location and digital mapping of water pipelines, gravity sewers, pressure sewers (force mains), telecommunication conduits, oil & gas distribution pipelines, electric utility conduits, environmental pipelines and most industrial pipelines.

In addition, our Smart Probe™ technologies are economical methods to create accurate "as-built" three-dimensional drawings of new pipelines installed utilizing either Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) or conventional "open cut" methods. Not only are the "as-built" drawings accurate and quick to produce, they seamlessly integrate into AutoCAD and most other major GIS databases.

Our profile mapping technologies can also provide a detailed "bending radius analysis" of the installed pipeline and detect installation errors that may lead to premature pipeline failure due to over-stressing of the pipeline.

By implementing a program that provides several centerline profiles over a fixed period of time, pipeline settling and deflection can be determined.

During rehabilitation programs of gravity sewers, Geospatial's Smart Probe™ technologies can provide not only the invert coordinates of each of the sewer lines, but can economically provide accurate profiles showing any "bellies" or "settling" of the sewer line. These damaged sections can then be rehabilitated via "spot repair" methodologies prior to relining.

All of Geospatial's technologies provide accurate digital data that integrates seamlessly with today's major GIS/CAD databases.